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Oct 27


Who Do You Serve and Where Do You Focus?

by Alexis Neely - Posted in Business |

There’s a great conversation happening between two of my favorite entrepreneurial guys, Jonathan Fields and Bryan Franklin, about the focus on marketing v. customers that stemmed from a tweet by Bryan last week that said:

“I noticed that the speakers with $1-$3M businesses were fascinated with marketing, and the speaker with $100M biz was fascinated with customers.”

Jonathan says Bryan is right and that you’ll “solve most of your business problems by spending more energy figuring out how best understand your customers’ lives, psyches and challenges, then working to solve your customers problems and deliver delight to their doorsteps.”

And he gives you 7 simple ways to serve, solve and delight customers here.

But what about if you aren’t even clear on exactly who your customers are?  That’s where I see most entrepreneurs get stuck –  trying to figure out exactly who they serve and what they do for them.

So, I add to Bryan and Jonathan’s thoughts this video commentary on where to focus your energy depending on the stage of your business:

Bottom line, before you can focus on either marketing OR customers you need to know who you serve, what you do for them, how you do it and how much you charge for it.

Once you figure that out, you are on your way to having a real business and can get to the $1mm, $3mm and even $100mm level.  But until then, the only thing you should really be focusing on is that.

So, who are your customers?

Be as specific as you can and then you can really start to get to know them and become fascinated with the marketing systems to reach them and the service systems to serve them.

Tell us all … I’d love to know who you serve and what you do to love them.