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Apr 29


Financial Systems & Hiring As a Spiritual Practice

by Alexis Neely - Posted in Business |

Whenever I get frustrated that I’m not spending enough time on my own spiritual/personal work because I’m working so much on my business, the Universe has some way of reminding me that it’s right here.

The operation of my business IS my spiritual practice.

I’ll be coaching a client and hear myself telling her exactly what I myself need to hear in that moment.

Today, that came up when I recognized a major pattern of self-sabotage in myself by seeing it manifest in another’s business so clearly.

This is a successful woman who is very well known in the world of online business.  She appears to have it all together and in so many ways she does.

But, when it comes to financial stuff, she’s got nothing set up.  She just knows she’s got money coming in. Enough to cover current expenses.

And because she’s a master manifestor and is great at making exactly the amount of money she needs, she’s gotten by without financial systems up until now.  Gotten by is the key word.

Despite the fact that she’s making good money (mid 6-figures), she’s always worried about money.  (BTW, this is exactly why I created the Money Map.)

As a result, she has been unwilling to invest in hiring the right people.  So she ends up disappointed in every person she hires.  They never live up to her expectations.

Just this week she was interviewing a new potential team member and instead of hiring the $50/hour person with experience she chose the $15/hour person.

Her rationalization was that if she hired the $50/hour person her expectations would be extremely high and she’d likely be disappointed.

To avoid disappointment, she hired the $15/hour person with no experience.

Have you ever done that?  I sure have.

It’s a form of sabotage.  Setting ourselves up for disappointment.   Hiring cheap instead of good because 1) we don’t know what we can afford and 2) we are making decisions based on patterns & conditioning – things we want to avoid (in this case disappointment based on our “too” high expectations).

Operating in the dark and taking actions to avoid disappointment instead of to evoke joy and excellence.

The antidote is awareness.  Know what your business needs – both on the money side and the people side.  Make projections for the future.  Know what and who you need to run your life.

Know your numbers. Keep your eyes open.

Run your business with real conscious awareness and you will stop making self-sabotaging decisions from a place of fear and instead begin recognizing what’s real and true for you and your business.

It’s working for me.  It’s not easy, I can tell you that.  On a daily basis, I am tempted to make decisions from a  place of fear, but I am consciously building the systems and processes into my life so I can break free.