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Can You Feel It?

My life is turning upside down.  I’m on the razor’s edge of exhilarated and scared to death. And I freakin’ love it.  Why would I love to live on the razor’s edge?  Because …

We are here to feel.

Ten years ago I stopped feeling in the name of security and comfort. Once I woke up from the numbness, I swore I’d never be okay with that again.

I made a promise to myself. Numb will not be my way of being even when it feels like the safest way to be.

That Hardship Just May Be the Blessing of Your Life


You know how it is when you see someone every day and they look the same to you from one day to the next, but then you are apart for a week and suddenly the next time you see them, you notice they’ve grown or aged or lost weight or gained weight?

We are a lot like that with ourselves.  It’s hard to tell from one day or month or year to the next how much progress we are making.  And most of us are so focused on how far we have to go that we completely lose sight of how far we’ve come.

Was It Worth It? Ali Brown #Shine Debrief … Part II

ali-brown-blueSo, was my 6-figure investment in Ali Brown’s diamond mastermind worth it?  Before I answer that, let’s talk about whether SHINE itself was worth it as there was lots of talk about that in Las Vegas among the women in attendance.

Ali Brown #SHINE Debrief From a 2009 Diamond … Part 1

diamondIt’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a year since I sat in Ali Brown’s Online Success Blueprint Workshop and applied for her elite $100,000 diamond mentorship program.

This past weekend at Ali’s SHINE event, I sat on stage as part of Ali’s diamond success panel and couldn’t stop the tears from flowing as I thought about the past year and how happy I was to be sitting there as a symbol of hope for the hundreds of women in the audience.

Only a year ago, I was so confused about my identity.  Mommy blogger?  Lawyer?  TV personality?  Author?  CEO? Something else entirely that I couldn’t even see yet?

Help Me Pick My Next Logo

I believe my blog readers are the most intelligent, creative and business-savvy people on the web.

For that reason, I’m asking you to help me make an “executive decision” and choose a logo for my latest venture—LIFT.

A little background to help you in this process:
  • LIFT stands for Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax. And the LIFT program will help micro business owners get excited about building their business with a LIFT Foundation.
  • Millions of small business owners each year lose money or face serious setbacks in their businesses because of lawsuits, conflicts, audits, bookkeeping issues, unnecessary tax bills and having the wrong type and amount of insurance in place.

The Mommy Business… We Are Leading Work and Family Into a Whole New World

mauiI’ve literally (this morning from the red eye) just arrived back in Los Angeles from a week long, life-changing trip to Maui.

It’s now 11:00p at night (although only 8:00p to my body– which is still on Maui time) and despite running around like a mad woman all day taking care of my dog (who lost use of his back legs while I was gone) and my kids (my daughter had her first solo presentation at school and had no costume ready) and the fact that I’m totally exhausted, I’m compelled to document my awakenings and awarenesses from the trip.

Truth about me I’ve never revealed before

reflectionIf you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know my life is pretty amazing. I live in my (for now) dream home by the ocean. I work from home running a million dollar plus company that is growing like gangbusters.

I’ve got a hot boyfriend who loves me and talking about business and growing spiritually and loves my kids to boot. I get to be on TV, write books, take classes at Agape and make a difference in the world.

And yet despite all the amazingness, I have periods (not necessarily short periods either) of some real unhappiness. Painful unhappiness.

Can I Help You Change Your Business and Your Life?

It just occurred to me that I’ve been so wrapped up in all the things I’ve got going on (new book proposal and agent, new coaching program for lawyers, coaching my Personal Family Lawyers, TV deal in the works, business plan to build a software program, deciding to homeschool my kids!) that I have not shared with you one very important something I am working on that directly affects you and could tremendously change your life and your business this year.

2 Scholarships for the Savvy Mompreneurs Telesummit!

trends-momsI’m a speaker on the Savvy Mompreneur Telesummit and while I was discussing it on Twitter today, a friend (@jewlish) had an idea that a scholarship for moms just starting out in business would be a great idea.

I thought it was a great idea too and because one of the hallmarks of the most successful entrepreneurs is the ability to put things into action quickly, I’m moving full steam ahead.

So, if you would like to win one of two scholarships to the Savvy Mompreneurs Telesummit (GOLD level so you can get all of the recordings in case you miss any of the sessions), all you have to do is take your own action now, by doing the following:

4 Steps to Moving On With Integrity

traditional_kampong_house_rumah_melayu_move_heritage_moving-722665As you know, I’m in the process of closing down my law firm and stepping into a much bigger vision.

I’ve learned so many lessons from the experience that I am excited to share because moving on is a critical step to playing a bigger game and is one of the places most people get stuck.

My intention here at the Intrepid Mompreneur is to inspire you to keep moving ahead, to play a bigger game and to be afraid and do it anyway, so I’ve got to share the lessons.

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