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What Is the New Paradigm?

We talk a lot about the new paradigm.  But, what is it really?

Because it’s emerging as we speak, we don’t know fully.  Here is what I think I know about it:

  • Truth-telling more deeply than you ever have before is a key component.  And we have to learn to do this because it sure wasn’t modeled by our parents or teachers.
  • Living into the both/and and learning how to hold two opposing points of view within your awareness.
  • It’s beyond competition.  I hear a lot of folks talk about new paradigm and then see these same folks allow competition to keep them from supporting the dreams of others.

Events That Have Changed My Life

4.5 years ago, I attended an event that would be the first of many life-shifting events I would attend.

It was a Dan Kennedy retreat and as soon as I walked in, I met Craig Filek (my current collab partner) and the following day I met the man who would become my life and business partner for 3.5 years and who taught me most of what I know about marketing today.

This past November, I went to Peru with David Wolfe and we’ve already been talking collaboration (look for something in July in LA).

True Freedom May Start Here For You

I’m literally writing today from the road. Driving from Las Vegas to San Diego on the 3rd leg of my 2 week working travelfest.

Actually, my BFF Joanne is driving and we’ve got three of our kids in the backseat.

This is freedom!

I can work and play and travel while my companies bring in plenty of money, serve our clients and impact the world the whole time I’m on the road.

The best part is I get to be who I truly am without compromise.

Here’s a picture of me leaving Las Vegas. Totally true to me.

The Culmination of a Year of Transformation

Today was the culmination of a long year of transformation.

The deconstruction of Alexis began in late 2009. After a profound shamanic journey I fell into the gap of awareness that starkly showed me I was not how I wanted to be in the world.

I was ego, money and power-driven.

I was more concerned about who liked me and who didn’t than I was about living my own truth. And while I was financially very successful, I was not really enjoying my life.

How to Rule Your World in Community & Business: Interview & Contest with Hiro Boga

**** We are giving away a $250 course from Hiro Boga on How to Rule Your World – read all the way to the bottom for details****

You’ve seen me write a lot about community here lately.  It’s because I think,feel, believe with every fiber of my being and intuition that community is the only answer to whatever is coming our way.

And, it makes perfect sense because it’s the next stage of our evolution.  We are smarter, more adept, more technologically advanced than we have ever been before.  The next frontier is for us to learn how to get along, co-exist, and come together.

Are We Victim to the Marketplace or Can We Make Our Own Rules?

Recently, Heather Allard sent out a tweet that quoted me from the Money Map:

“As an entrepreneur, YOU get to create your life, your work day, your rules. #moneymap <– A to the MEN, Alexis! :)”

I RT’d her tweet and my Retweet went to LinkedIn (follow me?) where one of my lawyer colleagues sent me a comment that said:

“Alexis, the market place makes the rules.”

More Great Money Advice For Consumers I Want You to Ignore (If You Are An Entrepreneur)

As I often tell my kids, there are three things you can do with your money and only two of them will create more.

You can either spend it, invest it, or give it.  Spend it on eating out, clothes, cars, and other consumables will make it disappear.  Investing it or giving it will make it multiply.

And so I love that M.P. Dunleavy, the author behind Money CAN Buy Happiness, took action to invest the windfall her and her husband recently received after she realized she was blowing it each month by spending it when it came right into her bank account.  She took the windfall and had it allocated right into her Fidelity investment account and added it to her Roth IRA.  This is great advice for a consumer.

New Paradigm Partnerships: What It Really Looks Like Behind the Scenes

There’s a lot of talk these days about the new paradigm. But, do you know what it really looks like or how it feels or is it just a bunch of mumbo jumbo/marketing speak?

I think for many of us, it’s more marketing speak than anything else and I’m committed to changing that. And the only way I know how to do that is to let you in behind the scenes of what it really looks and feels like to live in the new paradigm, even when it’s hard to do that because it shows you parts of myself that I don’t particularly love.  But I’m more committed to truth than anything else, so let’s talk about it in the context of new paradigm collaborative partnerships.

How to Not Let Your Ego Get You Snagged on a Sneaky Sales Call

The call comes in that you are “being considered for a project.” That sounds enticing and your ego is definitely intrigued.

“What kind of a project?” “Oh, yay, they chose me.”  You know the thoughts well, I am sure.

And so you schedule the call or the appointment.

This first happened to me when I was a new associate and a Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance agent contacted me.  I thought for sure he was contacting me to send me clients.

Why Entrepreneurs Must Stop Taking Get Out of Debt Advice From Dave Ramsey and Company

I know this is going to be another controversial blog post, but I simply cannot take it any longer and I need you to hear this because if you are an entrepreneur and taking advice on how to handle your debt from Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, Dani Johnson or any of the other gurus out there, your business is in trouble.

As a business owner, you DO NOT want to get out of debt as quickly as possible like a consumer would.  Debt is a tool for growing your business not a barometer of who you are as a person.

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