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Corporate Catch? Maybe You Can Be Entrepreneurial Right Where You Are.

I talk a lot about the freedom that comes from entrepreneurship.  And I do believe there is no better way to be truly free than to work for yourself doing work that is sustainable.

If you are a corporate catch, with the right business model in place you can be a corporate renegade and make great money, without being tied down by the 9-5 job.

I’m working with a client right now who is definitely a corporate catch.  He builds sales teams that sell high ticket items.

Big Fat Internet Marketing Lies – the REAL cost

If you love the idea of marketing on the internet but you have no idea where to start, I have great news: my friend MichelePW, your Ka-Ching Marketing Strategist, along with Wakeupcallcoach (Amy Ahlers) and Christine Arylo, founders of Inner Mean Girl Reform School, is offering a free 3-part video series – “The 3 BIG FAT LIES Entrepreneurs Tell Themselves about Internet Marketing that Are Simply Just NOT True.” Click here to watch it.

Enjoy this guest post from Michele about Big Fat Internet Marketing Lies – she’s got it all right.

Can There Be Too Much Opportunity and Abundance? Yes, Thank You More, Please.

I’m in the abundance of so much right now and it’s both amazing and the most frightening space to be in.  I can see how easy it is to just shut down and push it all away because it feels so scary.

My journey at the moment is to keep saying “yes, thank you, more please!” to everything I receive (a gift I received from my dear friend Joy Love Light Honeybee who so embodies her name fully with this philosophy).

This is the training to hold the paradox within, which to me is the essence of living in truth.

Your Journey: Build Your Brand with Business Storytelling

Note from Alexis: This is a guest post from Carlos Silva, an entrepreneur and storyteller.  In life and business, our stories are powerfully important to us.  You can use them to shape who you are and the world around you.  Enjoy!

I learned to appreciate business storytelling from my mentor, Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary’s Web 2.0 Expo speech back in 2008 reminded me about the value of living my life with passion and the importance of telling the “right” stories.

True Freedom May Start Here For You

I’m literally writing today from the road. Driving from Las Vegas to San Diego on the 3rd leg of my 2 week working travelfest.

Actually, my BFF Joanne is driving and we’ve got three of our kids in the backseat.

This is freedom!

I can work and play and travel while my companies bring in plenty of money, serve our clients and impact the world the whole time I’m on the road.

The best part is I get to be who I truly am without compromise.

Here’s a picture of me leaving Las Vegas. Totally true to me.

The Entrepreneur Equation – Is Entrepreneurship Right For You?

Are you thinking about starting a new business?  Or are you overwhelmed and overworked in your existing one?

Then, you need to meet my good friend and respected business strategist, Carol Roth.

Carol has a dynamic new book called The Entrepreneur Equation which I believe is essential reading if you want to thrive as an entrepreneur.  This is not the “same-old” re-hashed business B.S., but a no-nonsense book on how to stack the odds of business success in your favor and succeed in business for the long term. Check out the video above to see what I think about her new book (and see her amazing fashion doll – so cool!).

Who are you taking your business and marketing advice from?

I’m seeing a disturbing trend from clients and I want to make sure you aren’t making this same mistake in your business.

Over the years, I have referred people to my web team for graphic design/web work, my customer service peeps for customer service work and my business manager for bookkeeping only to occasionally discover a BIG problem.

After I make the referral, I see these folks asking for marketing and business strategy advice from the people I’ve referred them to for web, customer service, and bookkeeping.

Why is this a big problem?

You Were Custom Designed For This … Your Great Work

It’s becoming more and more clear to me that we are each custom-designed for a very specific purpose on this planet. I call it your Great Work. The work you came here to do.

As I’m terming it, your Great Work is the divine combination of your inner work and your outer work.

Your inner work … the work you do on yourself to grow, to evolve your soul, to wake up to what’s real and true for you, to break free of the illusion.

You outer work … the way you put that work into service in the world.

The Entrepreneurial Map: Three Stages of Business

When I first started out in business, I felt lost.

I had an idea.  A way I could help people.  A family to support.

I thought if I could just combine those three things in a way that made sense, I’d be golden.

With that limited vision, in August 2003 I set out on the entrepreneurial journey.

Looking back now, with the benefit of  years of experience and several businesses under my belt, I can see how helpful it would have been for me to have a bigger picture vision right from the beginning.

A Major Secret to Life and Business Success

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