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The Online Legacy of a Mom Entrepreneur Gone Too Soon

I woke up this morning and the first thing I saw when I got online was a tragic wake up call about the death of a young, vibrant leader in the online community, Denai Vaughn.

I didn’t know Denai personally but because we are connected through Facebook and Twitter (her moniker is the Networking Queen) and we have many online friends in common, her passing was one of the first things I read about this morning.

Thanks to the interwebs and the online legacy Denai has left behind, I knew within minutes that at 37 years old this beautiful young mother left behind a husband, daughter, mom, dad and hundreds (thousands) of friends who are already sorely missing her.

Is Community Sustainable?

It is fairly apparent now that major shifts are happening, right?

Old structures are collapsing … the US economy is almost certainly headed for a deep dive, our food sources are compromised, our energy resources are sorely mishandled, and many of us are finding we can no do the things we used to be able and willing to do for a payday.

Perhaps that includes you.

As I have become present to this new reality that is emerging, I have come to believe that a return to living in community is our best hope for the future.

Coming Out of Radio Silence

A lot has happened in the weeks since I shared with you that I was moving out of my house and to my farm.

Had I known I was going to go radio silence after that, I would have let you know … but, I didn’t.

I’ve been in the flow of what’s happening and taking time away from it to write just has not happened.

In fact, even sitting here now and writing is requiring me to move through some massive resistance.

With so much that has happened and in process of happening, where do I begin?


At the end of the day, what is freedom really?

I think …

It’s knowing I can take care of myself, no matter what.

I am self-reliant, self-sufficient and self-aware.

From this place, I can love fully without attachment. I can do what I want and not do what I don’t want.
Take risks, lose sometime and wake up the next day willing to do it again.

To me, that’s freedom.

What about you?

Emerging from the Garden of Eden

Craig and I left Eden last night at Sunset. The transformation that has been happening on the outside seems to feel more settled into my heart, but I’m finding it difficult to put into words exactly what that means out here in the real world of life and business.

Unlike some of the big external transformations you have watched here and on Facebook over the last several months, this change is a whole lot more subtle.

I feel new.

What I’m Going to Do at Eden Unplugged


Yes, that’s right, I’m doing nothing at Eden Unplugged. I’m being no one. I’m going to let it all go, let my hair down (take my clothes off), and just be.

I’m going to eat the most amazing, delicious, mostly raw, organic cuisine prepared by the awesomeness of Kirsten Gum.

I’m going to listen to amazing music by Porangui, Zang and Elijah and the Band of Light as I soak in the hot springs and look at the stars in wonderment of all that is.

I’m going to step outside of my comfort one and relax into the arms of my community.

The Changing Nature of Relationship in the New Paradigm

I guess it’s time to get this over with and make the official announcement that Russell and I are changing the nature of our relationship.  Yes, that’s new paradigm talk for – we broke up.

Those words so do not represent the reality of what’s happening though.

A break up suggests a complete break, separation and end.  That is not what the new paradigm is about at all.  It’s about transition and transformation.

The Extreme Life of an Evolutionary Entrepreneur

This is a post that lets you behind the scenes into the insanity that is my life as an evolutionary entrepreneur.  Your life does not have to be this nutty if you are or become an evolutionary entrepreneur.

But, the great thing is … it can be if you want it to be! Or, it can be exactly the opposite.

When you are in business for yourself, especially as an evolutionary entrepreneur, YOU make the rules, set the schedule, decide how you want it to be.

What Are You Doing to Prepare?

It seems very possible that the US dollar is on its way to collapse. While I’d like to pretend it’s just fear-mongering, I can feel the reality that it’s not.

The reality is that we know a shift is coming.

Whether that shift is a massive weather shift that impacts all of us, an economic shift that will rock us to our core or some sort of an astrological shift around the year 2012, it does not matter.

The shift is coming and I’m wondering how you are preparing.

The Time Has Come – Are You Ready for Real Community?

After making my last video (totally raw, real and behind the scenes), many of you let me know that’s how you like it best. That’s great because it’s what I like doing best too.

It still takes some pushing through fear for me to do it, but I’ve begun to move into more excitement than fear now thanks to hearing from you guys how much you really do love it.

So I want to let you in behind the scenes of what’s going on with my evolution because many of you watched the video and asked me to share more about the community that is being created.

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