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Risk It All to Find Out You Have Nothing to Lose

I wish I could write for days and fill you in on all that has happened since I started the Course In Miracles, dove into my fear of running out of money and got super focused on my lawyer business, but I only have a few minutes.

Let me just say this, it’s been quite illuminating and I cannot encourage you enough to totally surrender to whatever it is that you fear the most.

Here is what’s happened for me since I did:

Can There Be Too Much Opportunity and Abundance? Yes, Thank You More, Please.

I’m in the abundance of so much right now and it’s both amazing and the most frightening space to be in.  I can see how easy it is to just shut down and push it all away because it feels so scary.

My journey at the moment is to keep saying “yes, thank you, more please!” to everything I receive (a gift I received from my dear friend Joy Love Light Honeybee who so embodies her name fully with this philosophy).

This is the training to hold the paradox within, which to me is the essence of living in truth.

We Are in Training … Are You Joining Us?

I’m writing this after day 1 of Longevity Conference with David Wolfe and once again I am reminded of how important it is for us to get out from behind our computers and get into the community.

The world is transforming rapidly. I’m sure you can feel the evolutionary impulse quickening. And if you can’t, it’s very likely because you have shut down in numbness as a reaction to how much it all is to take in.

Numbness is not the answer, not in the emerging paradigm.

Me On the New Oprah Network?

I broke through the resistance, made my video (thanks to the awesome team of Kia Kiso, J.P. Brennan and Lynne Mitchell) and it’s now up on the Oprah site and ready for your votes.

Please vote here:

You can vote more than once so please return there and vote often.

Then, if you’d like to spread the word to your lists, here’s some copy:

Of course, feel free to edit. :)


For Twitter/Facebook …

Please vote for @alexisneely to get her own show the
new #OWN network. It’s time for a new normal around

How Can I Not? Moving Through Resistance.

The Oprah Show Host contest is taunting me.  At least 10 people have emailed me, tweeted me, facebook’d me or otherwise told me about the thing.

Yes, I’ve talked about having a show for years.  Yes, this would be a great opportunity to get out there and allow it to happen.  Yes, yes, yes.

But, the timing really sucks.

I have 100% devoted myself to the deconstruction and reconstruction of my company so I can bring love to the legal process in a big way by training lawyers on a massive scale and designating some of them as lawyers you can really love.

A New Paradigm

For the 2nd time, I am three years into a million dollar business venture of my own creation and I am beginning to see a pattern.  I am committed to living beyond patterns and conditioning, so now that the pattern has been noticed, I am committed to doing something different.

What did Einstein say?  “Insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results.”

So here I am.

Exactly where I was just a couple of years ago in so many respects.

And yet so far away.

Can You Feel It?

My life is turning upside down.  I’m on the razor’s edge of exhilarated and scared to death. And I freakin’ love it.  Why would I love to live on the razor’s edge?  Because …

We are here to feel.

Ten years ago I stopped feeling in the name of security and comfort. Once I woke up from the numbness, I swore I’d never be okay with that again.

I made a promise to myself. Numb will not be my way of being even when it feels like the safest way to be.

If You Love Something …

You’ve heard the saying, right?

If you love something, set it free.  If it comes back to you, it’s yours.

God, I believe in that.  Oh yes, down to the bottom of my toes, I believe in it.

I’ve even experienced it in my own life.  A lot.  5 years ago, I set my husband free (and a whole house full of stuff I loved) and now 5 years later, it’s all back.

What’s With the Money Map?

moneymapA few days ago, I posted about my own financial fear and how it has impacted my business and life over the past several years.

As I’ve confronted this issue within myself over the past several months, I’ve built a framework to go around it that I’ve been working through for myself so that I can stop making decisions based on fear and begin to feel really empowered about my relationship with money.

If you receive my emails or follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve heard about it already – it’s called the money map and I’m hosting a free call about it on the last day of this year.

My $100k Investment. Was It Worth It?

freeA few days ago, I shared with you some of the things that have happened in the last year since I sat in my chair at Ali Brown’s OSBW event and made the commitment to invest in her diamond level coaching and mastermind program.

At SHINE and afterwards so many women approached me to ask if it was worth it.  Am I glad I did it?

Since I’ve been teasing you for a few days with the answer, I’ll give you the short answer right away.  Yes, I am grateful to have made a $100k investment in Ali Brown’s diamond program.

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