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Do You Have a Money Map for Your Life & Business?

Four years ago I was working in an office 6 days a week, 12-16 hours per day.  Away from my family all day, every day.  Doing great work, but not work I absolutely loved.

Today, I am.  Teaching. Coaching.  Doing media. Writing books.

Last November, I came to visit one of my best girlfriends in Colorado, saw a house I liked and within 2 months had moved here.  On a whim.

It turns out to be the best decision I’ve ever made.

Mother’s Day Special – Two More Kids?

From the time I was a child, I knew I’d have two kids by the time I was 30. I just knew.  And I did.  Today, they are 7 and 10.

I always thought there would be another two later on.  I think about that sometimes.  Because suddenly, later on is either within the next 5 years or so or it’s not going to happen.  And based on my current life, it’s not.  But, I remain open to the possibility.

I feel the quiet yearning. It’s very subtle.  And I’m very uncertain about it.

Love, Sweet Love.

Love is the truth. The only truth. Everything else is fear.

I recently ended a very important relationship in exactly the wrong way. Because of fear.

Fear of being hurt. Fear that something would be taken from me. Fear of the unknown.

The experience showed me everything about myself I didn’t want to see.

Brought me to my knees.

I didn’t know what was real. What was truth. What was not.  I do now.  Love is real.

Just not the way I thought.

It’s what you give.  Period.  Love, sweet love.

What If You Had Nothing to Lose?

Today, I got to talk with an awesome lawyer who is (by her own words) more out there than me.

Her name is J. Kim Wright and she just came out with a book every lawyer needs to read called Lawyers As Peacemakers: Practicing Holistic, Problem-Solving Law.

One of the things we talked about was how the right questions can open up incredible awareness, possibility and potential.

After our talk, a question popped into my mind that could shift things for you.

I’m sure you’ve heard the question asked – what would you do if you knew you could not fail?

How Business Women Nest

When I was preggers with Noah (now 7), I was working full time at the biglaw firm.

The day before I went into labor, I woke up around 2am and was compelled to go into my office and organize my files and pack up some boxes to bring home.

Even though I wasn’t due for a week, some part of me said – do it! So, I did.

I came home later that day, went to sleep and woke up the next day in labor.

Our bodies know. We nest.

Thank God for Girlfriends

I’ve been having a bit of a rough time lately. Not really with anything in particular and with everything at the same time.

One of my companies is in what Seth Godin calls The Dip, my 10 year old daughter is cranky and moody, my son broke his arm, and I’ve had limited time for my spiritual practice.

It might sound odd to hear this, but even with all that, I’m thrilled with my life. Pretty much.

The pretty much comes from a part of me that is not happy with my life and is not getting it’s needs met.

Before You Can Help Others, Help Yourself

Several months ago, I heard Marianne Williamson speak at an event.

I asked her about the idea of combining spirituality with the business side of business.  The legal, insurance, financial and tax parts of business.

Her response was “Do Your Work.”

At the time, I thought she meant that I needed to re-immerse myself in my own spiritual practice.

Looking back now with the benefit of all that has happened since then I realize that the work she was talking about was not what I thought at all.

It wasn’t about more meditation.

Do I Need (and Should I Sign) an NDA?

I try to listen when the Universe sends me a message. I’ve been getting this one loud and clear.  There is a LOT of confusion about when to use a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

And before you go ho-hum, boring, consider this …

If, how and when you present an NDA can make or break a relationship. And, if you just choose to do nothing, you really could get taken.

So, what to do?

Never fear, I’ve got some guidelines about:

  • when to ask for a Non-Disclosure Agreement if you have an idea you want to protect,

Daily Blogging As a Spiritual Practice

This is it, day 1 of the Blogathon and already some emotional stuff is coming up. Mostly around letting go.

#1) I won’t be able to spend a lot of time editing my posts because I have committed to one post everyday.

– Practice of just being with what is and not having to be perfect.

#2) Each post will only have top spot for one day before it is buried beneath a new post, even if I really, really love it and want it to keep top-billing.

A Commitment to Blog for 30 Days Straight

When I re-launched this blog a couple of months ago, I did so with a commitment to make it a “real” blog, whatever that means.

While my definition of a real blog is evolving, there are two things I think make a blog “real.”

1. Regular posting.
2. Community.

Over the past couple of months, as I’ve been stepping into a renewed vision of my business and all of the upheaval that goes along with that, I’ve felt disconnected from both of those things.

Whether that feeling is true or not is not relevant. I feel it’s true.