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Is It Time to Release One and, If So, Which?

For the past several years, I have been living two personas — Alexis Neely and Ali Shanti. Alexis represents my left-brain, highly logical self. She’s a lawyer. Graduated first in her class from Georgetown Law. Ali represents my right-brain, creative, more spirit-focused self. Maybe you’d call her a woo. Plenty of people do.

The more I get to know her (I’ve only just allowed her to come through over the past three years, fully) the more woo I’ve discovered she is and I really love her. She’s brought a lot of joy into my life.

I’m in Business Heroine Magazine

Check it out here:

Why I Do It In Public …

I’ve lived so much of my life publicly, right here, on the internet show I hosted for 3 seasons, on Facebook & on Twitter.  I’ve shared about things other people would never be willing to let you see publicly.  Why? Because I believe that part of my Great Work is to let you in on all of it — so that you can see what it really takes to have an integrated life and business.

Screw the false marketing facade.  I want you to really know.

I also believe the oft-quoted saying “we are only as sick as our secrets.”

Risk It All to Find Out You Have Nothing to Lose

I wish I could write for days and fill you in on all that has happened since I started the Course In Miracles, dove into my fear of running out of money and got super focused on my lawyer business, but I only have a few minutes.

Let me just say this, it’s been quite illuminating and I cannot encourage you enough to totally surrender to whatever it is that you fear the most.

Here is what’s happened for me since I did:

Wanna Get All Up in My Business? Seeking Key Assistant!

If you love to support and really see behind the scenes of what it takes to run multiple businesses, raise kids, manage relationships, and are a great communicator, we might be a great fit.

My company is looking for the perfect virtual admin person to manage my email, my calendar, and my crazy travel schedule and do the same for the CEO of our company.

I live in Colorado (and travel quite a bit) and our CEO lives in San Fran.

But, you can live anywhere because all of this management of our lives and schedules can be done remotely from your home!

A Quick Sidebar Re George Steinbrenner & the Estate Tax

As many of you know, I was an estate planning lawyer for almost ten years and today one of my businesses trains estate planning lawyers on a new way of being with their clients.

So, I can’t help but post something about George Steinbrenner’s death and all this talk about how his family saved $600 million because he died in 2010, a year when we have no estate tax.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read about the estate tax and what Congress is doing about it.

What I want to make sure everyone knows is that:

Script of the Day: Honey, We Need an Agreement

I’ve been talking with lots of business owners lately who have shyly admitted to me that they are working on projects with other people without agreements in place.

I’ve seen first-hand the destruction that can cause and I recorded an important audio program to go along with my Personal Brand and Relationship Protection Agreement.

You can get a copy of the agreement and the audio here.

In the audio, I cover:

* How to break through the fear of presenting an agreement to people you are entering into relationship with (this audio will eliminate your fear).

Four Years. Go.

The next four years are going to pass us by, just like the last four did and the four hundred before that.

But if they do without us doing something different on a mass level, things could get quite uncomfortable for our future generations.

Four Years – it’s long enough for us to make a difference and too short for us to lose focus.

Do you believe we can do it?

I do.  It starts with you. And me.  All of us.

Powerful Feminine Leaders & Evolutionary Men

Ready to Wake Up and Step Into the New Paradigm of a 100% Fulfilling Life in Which You Are Totally Supported to Be All of Who You Really Are?

The planet needs you to say yes.

You’ve stumbled onto this page because you are ready.  You hear the call to something more.

You are ready to start living the integrated life you know is possible.  The one where you are sharing your Great Work while having the time, energy and resources to enjoy the life you’ve always wanted – travel, adventure, personal growth, deep inner work, intimate connections, great, deeply nourishing food, amazing health and longevity …

If this is what it means to you to have it all, I’m thrilled to assure you, it’s so possible!

Read more and I’ll tell you how I know and what it means for you …

New Money Map Technology In Creation (Your Vote Needed)

tightropeI remember when I built my first business and had absolutely no idea where I was going.  I would blindly put one foot in front of the other without really knowing it would all be okay.  It was the ultimate test of stepping out in faith.

Everyday, I wondered if that would be the day it all fell down around me. Usually the fear was something to do with running out of money. ( I spent years wondering if the next month was the month I would run out.)

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