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My $100k Investment. Was It Worth It?

freeA few days ago, I shared with you some of the things that have happened in the last year since I sat in my chair at Ali Brown’s OSBW event and made the commitment to invest in her diamond level coaching and mastermind program.

At SHINE and afterwards so many women approached me to ask if it was worth it.  Am I glad I did it?

Since I’ve been teasing you for a few days with the answer, I’ll give you the short answer right away.  Yes, I am grateful to have made a $100k investment in Ali Brown’s diamond program.

The Meaning of Education?

Back in my law school days, we spent hours upon hours debating who was smart, who wasn’t and what it meant to be smart.  I thought the conversation was over when I graduated first in my class.  I was smart.

Smart (at least for  law school purposes) meant an extraordinary capacity to study non-stop and have an intuitive sense for what the professors looked for in exam answers.

More than ten years have gone by and I find myself being forced to completely re-examine the meaning of “smart” within the context of my own children and I have to tell you, it’s painful.

Trust that it’s all fine … no, not fine … perfect.

lotusI’m in the midst of a huge leap in my awareness and I want to share it with you because if you can make this leap, you’ll experience so much more happiness.  Me too.

Maybe if I share it with you, it will actually sink in and I can embody it instead of just know it’s true on an intellectual level.

Ok, so here it is.

I need to let go of control and trust more.

That’s all nice and easy to say, but let’s take a look at what that really means in my life and why it’s so hard to do.

Thank You Mean People From High School

mean-girlsI recently adopted a rescue dog, Farley.  He had some aggression issues, so we hired a dog trainer to teach us how to work with him.

Now, this dog trainer had his act together.  He charges $875 for 5 sessions, which is pretty good considering most dog trainers make about $30/hour.  His schedule is booked weeks out and he’s clearly got the whole thing scripted out and down.

Of course, because I can’t help but coach everyone I meet about either starting a business or expanding their business, I immediately start talking to him about expanding his business by licensing others to use his systems and creating a dog training franchise empire.

Are You Passing On Numbness?

A simple dry magnetic pocket compass

Can you relate when I talk about numbness?

Looking back on my 35 years with honesty, I’ve been mostly numb for a lot of it because the pain of feeling was too intense.

At 28, after years in an unhappy marriage that I was committed to staying in at all costs, I decided it would be fine if I just never had sex again.  That’s how shut down I was.

Fortunately, I had an experience that made me realize how crazy that was and just how numb I had become.  My body had literally shut off and when it began to come back alive, it was a massive shock to my system.

4 Steps to Moving On With Integrity

traditional_kampong_house_rumah_melayu_move_heritage_moving-722665As you know, I’m in the process of closing down my law firm and stepping into a much bigger vision.

I’ve learned so many lessons from the experience that I am excited to share because moving on is a critical step to playing a bigger game and is one of the places most people get stuck.

My intention here at the Intrepid Mompreneur is to inspire you to keep moving ahead, to play a bigger game and to be afraid and do it anyway, so I’ve got to share the lessons.

What’s Holding You Back

bird-soaringOkay, I admit it.  I’ve been holding back.

I haven’t been writing because I’ve been in a dark space and I haven’t wanted to share that because there’s so much amazing stuff happening in my life that I’m in gratitude for and I want to keep my attention on that.

And yet, the darkness is there too.  I’ve been keeping it hidden.

I told myself I was keeping it hidden because I didn’t want to focus on it, didn’t want to make it real, didn’t want to grow it.

Isn’t it Ironic?

test_tubes_largeThe Universe has the perfect way of testing us to see how serious we are about our decisions and commitments.

If you are not aware of and ready for this little pop quiz, you are very likely to fail, which means you will veer off the track of your life purpose.

Here’s the great part though, if you can see this test for what it is, it will be a fantastic confirmation for you that you are on course, heading in the right direction.

So, take heed.  I’m letting you in on a little secret that it has taken me a few failures to learn.

It’s All Happening

sunrise-1New Year’s Eve was the culmination of one of the most incredible years of my life and if it was any indication, the start of a year that’s going to be even more off the charts.

Let’s start with the day of New Year’s Eve itself.

I spent the first half of the day with a man who has been a mentor to me from a distance for years, Lee Brower.  Lee was one of the teachers on the movie “The Secret” and he not only gets the concept of family wealth planning as about far more than passing on just your money, his Brower Quadrant epitomizes it.

Lice Lessons (On Marketing, Business and Life)

Bird louse

Image via Wikipedia

Yeah Baby, We Have Lice … But, I’m Not Embarassed

Ok, so that’s not entirely true.

When I had to call Lesley Bohm, the amazing celebrity photographer I was supposed to have a photo shoot with today,  and tell her I couldn’t make it because I have lice, I was a little embarassed.

More than a little embarrassed.

When I first found out my daughter had it, I wanted to keep it a secret.  I wanted to tell her not to tell anyone at school.  I wanted her to make something up about why she didn’t go to school.

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