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Jan 22


How Christ Consciousness Makes Your Every Day Life Better

by Alexis Neely - Posted in Christ Consciousness, Life |

Yesterday, I took a big bold step and wrote about Christ Consciousness. Several people unsubscribed.  More people than have ever unsubscribed from a single post I’ve written before.

I’ve been sitting with that and doing the work necessary internally to not let it deter me from continuing to write about what feels so true and important in my heart and soul, even if it is misunderstood by many.

I probably would have unsubscribed too if one of the bloggers I read for guidance about life and business started talking about God and Jesus.

And that’s where the confusion exists.

Christ Consciousness isn’t about Jesus. It’s about you. And me. And the way we relate. And that impacts every part of your life, from your business, to your relationships, to your financial situation, to your ultimate happiness.

When I am operating from the Christ Consciousness, I give more. I forgive more. I let in more love, connection, harmony, possibility and abundance.

And guess what? All of that translates into a better life. Period.

My business hit a million bucks in revenue for the first time when I decided to get beyond the anger at my husband (despite so many people around me telling me I was nuts to forgive), stop fighting to win and just agree to give him the alimony and child support he was asking for instead of withholding, negotiating and making myself small so he wouldn’t think I had much.

Every fiber in my being resisted. My ego said “no way” should I give him what he was asking for after all he had done. It said I should play small, withhold, protect what I had and convince him and his attorney that I didn’t have enough to pay him much.

Fortunately, Christ Consciousness stepped in. My higher self said forgive, give more than you think is possible, trust. That part of me that knows what’s true and real and good and beautiful said “ask him what he needs to feel safe and give him that, you can make enough.”

So I did.  It wasn’t easy, but I did it anyway because I knew it was really the only path to what I really wanted — harmony, peace, love, abundance, prosperity, connection.

At the time I agreed to hand over $4,000 each month, I really did not know where that money would come from. But I said yes anyway and I was rewarded.

That year my business hit a million bucks in revenue and I did have enough. I want to be clear here; there was no indication my business would hit a million dollars a year when I said yes.  It only came after my yes.

Today, my ex and I co-parent our kids. We live mostly in harmony and co-operation.  In fact, as I write this he is here helping our kids clean their room and doing laundry.  Tonight we will have dinner as a family and play a game afterward.

That never would have been possible had my higher self not showed up and rescued me from what was almost certain to be a descent into fear-based thinking, a win-lose paradigm and ultimately a business that probably would have remained mediocre or even failed as a result. Not to mention, my ex and I would have remained locked in a battle for apparently limited resources.

But it turned out, those resources were not limited at all.  When I dropped my limited thinking and action, my resources became abundant and full.

That is Christ Consciousness in action.

When we each tap into this Consciousness (which is equally available to all, no matter our religion, race, creed or financial status), there IS enough for all, there is more than enough for everyone on the planet, there is no lack of resources, there is plenty.

How would you be different today if you knew deep in the core of your soul that there is enough? What would you do differently?  Who would you give more to? Who would you forgive? How would you embody the Christ Consciousness in your own life?