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Aug 13


How Taking My Kids to Burning Man Is About Passing On Family Values

by Alexis Martin Neely - Posted in Burning Man, Life |

Yes, that’s right. I’m taking my kids to Burning Man. I see it as the best summer vacation I could imagine to actively impress upon them the values I most want them to hold dear.

In case you were considering bringing your kids, here‘s a great article about it.

Sure, we could take the money we are spending to get to Burning Man and blow it on a lux trip to Hawaii. We could stay at the swank Fairmont Kea Lani or the Four Seasons. (Ok, maybe the Four Seasons would cost a little bit more).

Or, I could take my kids into the desert for a week in an RV where they’ll get the chance to see oddities, absurdities, and fantastic art. 

Where they’ll get to learn about authenticity and tolerance, the environment and how to leave no trace.    They’ll get to be kids in community without the lure of TV and video games. They’ll learn about self reliance and appreciation. I suspect there may even be opportunities for them to practice forgiveness, faith, acceptance and love.

Are your summer activities an opportunity to pass on family values or just the same old same old story of life passing you by without purpose or meaning?