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Jun 07


I Need Your Conflict!

by Alexis Neely - Posted in Contests, Life, Road to Freedom |

Okay gang, this Oprah Show Audition piece is coming together.  And I’m beginning to see that this is about so much more than the OWN contest.  This show IS going to happen.

I’m moving through the resistance.  And I really need your help.

Next Tuesday, I’m going to be taping the video for the Oprah Show Host Contest.

Rather than just have me talk about the concept for the show.  I want to show it in action.

I need 3-5 of you who are in the midst of a personal or business conflict and willing to talk about all of it on camera, Suze Orman Show style.

Here’s what I need specifically:

1. Your true story of conflict that feels unresolvable.

It could be a story in which you believe you are right, it could be a conflict you wish you could resolve, or it could be a story in which you know you were wrong and the other person won’t forgive you.

If I choose your story, I will guide you to resolve this conflict.

2. Your voice

We are going to tape voice over style, so you don’t need to show up in person, but I’d prefer if we could use your real voice.

3. Your picture (optional)

If you are open to showing your face (conflict can be a taboo, but the more of us that talk openly about it, the less it will be), I would like to use your picture.

So, if you’ve got a conflict you are ready to resolve, email me at

You’ll be amazed at what shifts in your life.  Weight drops away, wrinkles melt,  joy bubbles up, aches and pains disappear.  This is the fountain of youth. The key to freedom.

You know those people who are a lot older than you, but look and feel really young.

Ask them how much conflict they have in their lives. It’s probably not a lot. It can be that way for you too.

Email me.  Let’s see if I can help you and you can help me.

P.S. – I cannot believe how this is all coming together. Regardless of what happens with the Oprah Show Contest, this is a show I’m doing.

I’m done talking about it; the time is now.  Let’s heal the world by healing your conflict.

Email me!

Please accept my gratitude now in case I don’t email you back. I’m hoping to hear from so many people who are ready to heal their conflict that I won’t be able to contact everyone back individually.

And please tell your friends about this.  Anyone you know who is in a conflict they want to resolve.  Spread the word.  Let’s heal the world together.