The Whole Truth

My Favorite Things

Online Programs:

I absolutely LOVE YogaGlo for at home yoga.  You can search by level, length, instructor, style, and pain.  I incorporate a new 15-minute session in my day each morning and it’s so simple. It feels great and for less than $20/month, you can’t beat it.


Starhawk’s the Fifth Sacred Thing.  Confirmed my vision of what’s possible and how and why I want to live in community.

Evolution’s Hero by Sheldon Ginsberg.  Guided me to a deeper understanding of my fear patterns and how avoiding what I’m afraid of keeps me stuck. (Not yet available to the public. Stay tuned. It’s coming soon.)

The entire Giver Quartet series by Lois Lowry, starting with the Giver, then Gathering Blue, the Messenger and Son. If you’ve read the Giver, you probably stopped with the Giver.  Don’t. Read them all.


Danielle LaPorte

Penelope Trunk

Single Dad Laughing

She Owns It

Practices and Things that Support My Practice 

Zen Meditation: 40 minutes a day thanks to my friend Keith Martin-Smith.  I’ve been a reluctant meditator at best, never really thinking it was for me.  Until 2013 when I signed up for Keith’s 90 day program. Now, I do it daily.

Orgasmic Meditation: I practice OM’ing 3-5 times per week. My partner, Craig, describes the benefits this way. If you’ve ever been kayaking where it’s really rocky and there’s not quite enough water, you’ve had the experience of the Kayak slowing down and getting stuck on the rocks.  It’s a bumpy ride. And if you haven’t, you can imagine it.  Well, you know what happens when you add just two inches of water to that river, right?  The kayak skims along, smooth and easy.  The rocks aren’t even noticed.  That’s what a regular practice of orgasmic meditation does.

Crossfit.  It hurts so good. And I love it. 30 minute workout, 3x a week.

Insight Timer: It’s the best. Just try it. You’ll love it.