The Whole Truth

Apr 06


What Is This Thing Called Freedom?

by Alexis Neely - Posted in Pursuit of Truth, Road to Freedom |

After I wrote my last post about my next book (which still makes me quite queasy to think about), I realized that there may be some question regarding what I mean when I talk about freedom.

So I thought it might help if I got a bit more specific.

The road to freedom I’ll write about isn’t for everyone.  It can be a difficult path to travel.  It requires giving up the bonds and beliefs and security blankets we’ve clung to our whole lives.  The expectations and obligations that keep us in from being free.

Oftentimes it can feel like flying without a safety net, which can be totally exhilarating or bring up mortal fear.  It is life on the razor’s edge.

The rewards are immense.

Finding freedom can happen as simply as taking your next breath with complete awareness, focus or presence.  Or it may require you to fight your way through massive resistance, drama and suffering.  Or both.

The road itself will appear differently for each of us.

Imagine being totally present in each moment.  Not worried about the future or obsessing about the past.  Not thinking incessantly about whether you should or shouldn’t do something.  Or about what other people think or feel about what you are doing.

Imagine being grounded in the reality that exactly what you are doing in every moment IS the exactly right thing.  Without question.

That’s freedom.

You may not have all the money you’d like to have, but it doesn’t matter because you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

You may not look as hot as you’d like to look, but you are perfectly satisfied and content exactly where you are.

And guess what?  As soon as you are, you’ll find yourself wealthier and better looking than you ever have before.  It’s like magic.

Freedom via acceptance of exactly where you are doesn’t mean settling or that you aren’t interested in improving or taking action toward improvement.

But, you are no longer driven toward that improvement by fear, pain or suffering.  You’ve evolved to another state of being.

Your motivation is intrinsic.  Once free, you are pulled by love and desire instead of being constantly pushed by impatience, internal whippings and the terror that you are missing out.

Your mind is no longer harassing you constantly about what you could have or should have done.  It rests in the knowing that everything is exactly as it should be.

That’s freedom.  Are you ready?