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Jun 29


Where Do You Fall on the Salesy/Smarty Business Spectrum?

by Alexis Neely - Posted in Business |

I’ve noticed that every business person/entrepreneur I’ve met falls somewhere on what I call the “Salesy/Smarty Business Spectrum” and it has a significant impact on their future success.

Salesies are the people you see out there who have no problem promoting themselves and their programs constantly.

They can get an idea for a business, launch it and make money very quickly.

Without a healthy dose of smarty thrown in though, they may find it difficult to sustain, evolve and grow.

Smarties, on the other hand, often seem stuck. Lots of skepticism, complaining, and judging from this group.

But, when the smarty gets infused with a little salesy, the combination is incredibly powerful.

The ability to have an idea, move it forward, launch it, sustain it and grow it.

Ideally, you’ll find a way to be both salesy and smarty.

Salesy when it comes to promoting your business and smarty when it comes to growing it.

I’m interested to hear where you would say you fall on the Salesy/Smarty Business Spectrum. Are you a salesy? A smarty? Or somewhere in between?

Are you working on cultivating one because you are already naturally the other? Has your natural salesy or smarty held you back? Let’s talk about it.