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Dec 13


Who are you taking your business and marketing advice from?

by Alexis Neely - Posted in Business, Entrepreneurism |

I’m seeing a disturbing trend from clients and I want to make sure you aren’t making this same mistake in your business.

Over the years, I have referred people to my web team for graphic design/web work, my customer service peeps for customer service work and my business manager for bookkeeping only to occasionally discover a BIG problem.

After I make the referral, I see these folks asking for marketing and business strategy advice from the people I’ve referred them to for web, customer service, and bookkeeping.

Why is this a big problem?

Because while these folks may have picked up quite a lot of know how from me over the years about how to do marketing and build a business, they do not necessarily have the experience to be giving marketing and business strategy that works.

They are great at web design, HTML, customer support, bookkeeping and all the things it takes to make the business go and that’s what they should be used for.

But, do not rely on them for strategy.  Let me repeat that louder.  DO NOT RELY ON THEM FOR STRATEGY.  If you are taking strategic advice from anyone, make sure you are taking strategic business advice from someone who has done what you want to do.

As the CEO of your company, strategy is your responsibility. You provide the strategy and your team executes on it.

Yes, they can (and should) provide you with their feedback around your strategy (just today my team came through with some awesome feedback from the customer perspective that I would not have tapped into on my own), but they should not be establishing your strategy for you.

That comes from you. Ideally, with the guidance of an experienced business strategist who has done what you want to do if you don’t yet have the experience yourself.  Just don’t take business and marketing advice from folks who mean well, but ultimately are not going to be able to really help you grow your business and in the worst case may actually hurt your business.

Questions? Ask em below. I love to hear from you.