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Open Relating, Slut Shaming, Brand Management & Reputation Cost

Last night, a dear friend came to me for guidance about whether she should come out publicly with her sexuality and the fact that she is a polyamorous woman, an open relater, a woman who dates more than one man.

She told me I am the only person she knows who is fully “out of the closet” with the open nature of my sexuality who is not a sex educator by profession.

Given the number of people this friend knows who are open relators, I found that at first surprising, then a bit shocking and finally just plain sad.

What Is Freedom, Really?

I used to think freedom was $40,000,000 in the bank.  THEN, I would be free.

I used to think freedom was having my own show on television.  THEN, I could say and do what I really wanted and I would be free.

I used to think freedom meant having a big team of people to support me so I didn’t have to do anything myself — from sending out an email to grocery shopping to cleaning my house — unless I could charge big money for it.  When I didn’t have to do anything but what I was most handsomely paid for, THEN I would be free.

Giving It All Up For Something Far Greater

You’ve watched my transformation here over the last couple of years.

First, my move from Los Angeles to the Boulder, Colorado area, then the breakup with Dave, marriage to Russell, and then split with Russell.

Through it all, I’ve continued to grow my businesses, serve with my Great Work, raise my children, and learn, grow and evolve myself. On yesterday’s Eyes Wide Open Coaching Circle call one of the questions asked was “Alexis, how do you keep going through the darkest moments?”