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Sep 16


When Life and Business Collide

by Alexis Neely - Posted in Business |

Bowled over by all your well wishes on the marriage.  Thank you.  We are so happy.  And, most importantly, my children are so happy.

We told them on Saturday night at Agape right after Russell finished a sound healing session (Noah actually sat still and watched Russell play music for about 30 minutes!) and they were so happy.  It’s as if they have been waiting for this and silently sighed when they heard.

I’ve been silently sighing myself quite a bit lately.

There are two things I’m struggling a bit with though:

1. Dave

Our relationship has become strictly business.  At first glance, I miss the personal aspect of our relationship.  I miss hearing how he’s doing and what he’s doing.  I understand why it has to be this way for now, but I still miss it.

Upon deeper reflection, I recognize there’s a part of me that believe’s there’s something wrong.

Fortunately, the bigger part of me knows the truth – we are here to evolve our souls and what’s unfolding is exactly what is necessary for the highest and deepest evolution of each of us.

I will be attending our last Dave and Alexis event in Atlanta.  It’s an invite only workshop for our clients and it wouldn’t have felt right not to be there.

If I know Dave, I suspect he’ll be ready to lighten things up a bit by the time I get there (two weeks from now) and he’ll be back to telling jokes at my expense or his own about the breakup throughout the entire event.  At least I hope so.

2.  SobCon Colorado

I was scheduled to be on an awesome panel with Jonathan Fields on Saturday morning.  For some reason, I thought the panel was on Friday night and I agreed to be in LA on Saturday evening for a ceremony with Russell.

I was looking up the event info to get it to one of my CO friends so they could attend (by the way, you should totally attend if you are a CO business owner/service professional/entrepreneur) and saw my speaking time at 11am on Saturday.

Oh crap!  11am?  My flight from Denver to LA was scheduled for 9am!  I called the airline and the last flight out I could get and still make the ceremony was 1p, which wouldn’t be possible with my 11am panel.

Oh, what to do?!?

A major conflict between life and business.

On the one hand, I would look like a total flake to several people in the business community I really want to respect me.

On the other, I just got married.  And I’m going to a ceremony in LA with my new husband.

I contacted Liz Strauss, one of the SobCon organizers, to see if there was any possibility of switching session times.  There wasn’t.

And, I had to choose.  Life or business.

I chose life over business even though it feels terrifying.

I can feel the little girl inside me.  She is so afraid of getting in trouble, doing something wrong.

She is absolutely mortified that I would back out of a commitment to speak at an event like this.  “What will people think?!?” she says.

“You’ll never live this down. You are forever a flake and will never be invited to speak ever again.”

I hear another, stronger voice though that says life and love come before business.  The people you want to do business with will get it – you just got married, celebrate!

We’ve got you, we still love you and we totally understand.

Yes, of course that’s right.  Once I write it out, I can see … yes.

Life and love first, business second, money third.

My people will understand that and love me through it.

Big breath.  Deep abiding trust.

Even though I can’t make SobCon on Saturday, I will be at the evening networking on Friday night.  I’d love to see you there.  If you can make it out to Colorado (or live here) attend the whole event.  World-class speakers, masterminding on your message, business models, social media and more. I’m bummed to miss it.

Where does your life and business collide and what do you do when it does?